A Twist on Beef Jerky from a Classic Japanese Snack

Chocolate or squid jerky: which would you rather eat? When I gave my 6-year-old son a choice between the two, I wasn’t surprised he picked squid!

Squid jerky, or saki ika, is a popular Japanese snack that tastes better than it sounds. The dried squid is served into shredded tan crispy strips like regular jerky, but with a light seafood savor instead. It comes in your choice of salty, spicy or even sweet flavoring. The crunchy texture makes it a great alternative for chips lovers (like myself). It’s also low fat and high protein, making it a healthy substitute for those who need to cut back on salty snacks (like myself). The only downside to this treat is its high sodium content. So like any other snack, don’t forget to enjoy it in moderation!

Although my family and I enjoy squid jerky it doesn’t always suit everyone’s taste! The best way to see if this snack is for you is to try it out for yourself. Squid jerky goes great with sake or beer but can also be enjoyed on its own. And while you don’t have to eat it by yourself, it’s best not to whip it out in a movie theater or classroom. It gives off a slightly fishy smell, which neighbors in your enclosed space might not appreciate.

You can find squid jerky in the chain Asian jerky store Vua Kho Bo or online sites like Amazon. Would you try out squid jerky? Have you tried it before? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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